One thought on “Missing Rush

  1. I didn’t really understand politics until I discovered Rush Limbaugh! My 14 year old daughter said, “Mom, you’ve got to listen to this guy. He talks just like you!” I listened and I was hooked. He was saying some of the same things that I had been saying about current events, etc. I didn’t even know it was political, just common sense discussions and solutions often with hilarious insights! The more I listened the more I learned that my views were just as valid as the next guys and I was a Conservative Republican. I had changed from Democrat to Republican to vote for Ronald Reagan and never changed back. After listening to Rush I became aware of the differences between the parties and the meaning of liberalism vs conservatism. You’ve heard of “woke” leftist liberals? Rush woke me up years ago to Conservative politics and I am so thankful for his special talent and insight. I loved being a ditto head and hearing, “talent on loan from God”…truer words were never spoken.


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