2 thoughts on “Unconsciously

  1. Pat! This cartoon got me in some hot water when I posted it on Facebook. I’m a 65 year old conservative white man. For context.

    When I looked at it, I looked at the facial expressions of the characters and I immediately saw the “I’m better than you” look on the first guy, and the “Really? Go eff yourself!” look on the second guy.

    That interpretation resonated with me because I know those “Woke af, self-righteous” types. Comedy gold!

    The “Woke” crowd didn’t see it that way. Obviously, YOU have a problem being called out for your own unconscious racial bias!

    Pat, any chance you could ‘deconstruct’ your thought process for me, to get the truth “from the horse’s mouth” perspective.

    Of course you don’t need to, but if you could scribble down a few lines for me in your spare time, that would be great! Who knows? Maybe I’m the one who’s full of crap!




  2. I cannot adequately express how much I love this cartoon. Many were done about the victory of the Little Sisters, and many were good, but this one is great. It is perfect and I thank you for it.


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