4 thoughts on “Power Grab

  1. Bechen Krokite Witless got herself a cookie, now she will have to pay for it on Tax Day 2020; I hope to see all true Christian Patriot Michiganders in Lansing at high noon 4/15/2020. In effigy she will hang tough !


    1. My first thought was the cookie jar had been mislabeled; better “Totalitarian Dictator Cookies”–and I misspelled above, should be Bechen Kronkite Witless–Trumpy should get a new pair of glasses, he called her “Half-Witmer”–he’s giving her half again too much credit . . . sprechen ze deutch ?


  2. Yes. Witmer hung in effigy at the protest demonstration in lansing yesterday, underneath a thirteen star flag on the staff of a fishing rod, affectionately presented by yours truly on the steps of the Capitol, in the midst of a small company of fully armed militia. Abbie Hoffman my tailbone. Two to three dozen State Troopers patrolled, none wearing masks. No arrests I saw. Much larger crowd than expected.
    Witmer sys she’s not budging and will tighten things further. Stay tuned for more developments.
    Sincerely to all Patriots, I remain, James Chapman


  3. Will somebody PLEASE shoot that beachball ? Collateral damage to the jackass not prohibited, but encouraged . . .


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