6 thoughts on “MLK

  1. Hi! I sent you email about using the above cartoon on our 40 Days for Life invitation postcard. What a powerful cartoon! We would be honor and blessed! Please let me know. Many thanks for all you do!


  2. I am a concerned conservative that is tired of new media saturating the public with opinions, and lies. I would like to influence people to vote for Trump in a more passive way, through the use of facts intertwined with caricature humor. The only problem is I can’t draw a straight line without a ruler. I have some ideas for post cards that could be sent to people and other items to inform the masses of the good things trump has done, and the stupid things the democrats are advocating. I would appreciate your comments.


  3. This creation is one of the most outstanding drawings I have ever seen addressing abortion. I think you should consider doing it multiple more times depicting various babies beginning with an African American baby that looks like Dr. King (They are the most harmed). Or a future Einstein with E=mc2 floating in his brain. Or a future Beethoven with musical notes all around … the possibilities are enormous and your creation here is just amazing!


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